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"Western Power Defect Notice"

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 What is a Western Power Defect notice?

Western Power Defect notices are usually issued for defects found in private power poles and overhead consumers’ mains often relate to trees or branches growing too close to your private power poles and powerlines. Damaged wires or other faults on your installation, or alterations or additions to existing connections which do not meet the necessary safety standards will also result in a Defect Notice being issued. Power poles in poor condition and at risk of collapse may also be identified in a defect notice.

In Perth, Western Australia, the notice that Western Power issues will contain all relevant details about any defects that the Power Pole inspectors have identified on your private power poles or overhead powerlines.


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Defect Notices are issued by Western Power after  routine inspections have identified issues with private power poles and electrical main connections.  privately-owned power poles and powerlines as part of its regular network asset risk management program, and in accordance with the Electricity Supply Act 1995 and Electricity Supply (Safety and Network Management) Regulation 2014).

The Act requires that consumers’ installations – which may be referred to as your ‘private poles’,
‘poles and wires’ or ‘overhead private aerial consumers’ mains’, and include pole-top fittings such as cross-arms and insulators – must comply with the relevant safety standards and remain safe while connected to the network.
Power poles and overhead powerlines that are not properly maintained can pose a serious bushfire hazard or a significant electrical safety hazard to our employees, your property and the broader community.
Disconnection of the installation, or parts thereof, may be necessary if an unsafe situation is detected and not rectified in a timely manner by the property owner.

If Western Power identifies a defect on your private pole, you will be advised in writing. The Defect Notice will also advise you on what needs to happen to fix the defect and how long you have to complete this. The time you have to fix the defect will depend upon its severity and risk. In most cases when you are required to fix a defect, you will need to engage a suitably qualified electrical contractor. If the defect is not fixed within the time-frame, the Electricity Supply Act and/or Regulations permit Western Power to either complete the work independently and charge you for the work, or disconnect your property from the electricity network – depending on the nature of the defect. The legal provisions in the Energy Acts authorise Western Power to take these actions in the interests of public safety. Western Power will consult with you and give you opportunities to arrange for the defects to be fixed before taking any actions.

As soon as you receive your notice, it’s best to get in contact with a local electrical contractor to come and assess the work that needs to be done to make your pole safe. This may involve remediation work such as pole reinforcement through to full pole replacement. Your electrical contractor will provide you a quote to undertake the work.

Be mindful of timeframes outlined in your notice. Contacting a qualified electrical contractor as soon as you receive your notice will ensure that work is completed before the end of the notice period and will make sure you avoid any service interruptions.

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