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Private Power Pole Replacement Perth

Private power pole replacement: Perth’s top private power pole replacement service, Spark Pro, can undertake the job.

If your private power pole has been damaged or needs replacement, call Spark Pro Electrical immediately. We are your best priced option for getting your private power pole replacement done in Perth and all surrounding suburbs.

We can rewire any private power pole in Perth. We can perform the following electrical work for your private power pole replacement:

• Power Pole Replacements the entire Perth Metropolitan region.
• Power Pole Inspection & Electrical Quote
• Private power pole replacement quote, FREE of charge and no obligation, will be given approximately 1 business day after you have completed our online inquiry form. This quote will provide an indication of the cost of the work required to replace your damaged or old power pole and where these costs might be from.

No Call Out Fee! We are specialist private power pole electricians!

Our Private Power Pole Installations come with a 25 year guarantee!


SparkPro private power pole
SparkPro private power pole
Private Power Pole being replaced in Perth

Weather Damaged Private Power Pole Replacement

Private Power poles weaken and deteriorate with time. In strong weather and winds private power poles can become damaged and even pose a fatality and injury hazard.

Call us first for private power pole replacement.

Private Power Pole Western Power Defect Notice

If Western Power has issued you with a fault notice for your private power pole, call us immediately to replace your private power pole. We charge fair prices and make sure the job is secure from start to finish. Our highest priority is to have minimal stress for you, our client.

Rusted and broken consumer pole

Understanding Private Power Pole Replacement


Private Power Poles, also known as consumer poles or electrical poles, are present throughout Perth Western Australia. Private Power Poles supply the power to all homes, businesses, facilities and venues throughout the Perth region.

If a homeowner has a private electrical pole, it can be repaired easily and efficiently, especially through the help of our dependable and convenient Spark Pro Electrician Company.

The private electrical power poles that are used within Perth can be linked to a generator or grid electricity, depending on the type of situation required. If you want to get your private power poles in Perth fixed or repaired, contact Spark Pro. We offer high-quality customer service as well as competitive prices and realistic work scheduling. When you need quick assistance with repairing your damaged or broken home’s electric pole, turn to Spark Pro immediately! Our helpful electricians will have you taken care of in no time at all. Private Power Poles supply the power to all homes, businesses, facilities and venues throughout the Perth region.

In the photo on the left, one can see a rusted private power pole that requires replacement. Broken private power poles are extremely dangerous and can only be approached by qualified electrical technicians, such as the team from Spark Pro. If you need professional help with repairing your private power pole, be sure to give us a call today!

When a home or business owner has an electrical pole running along the edge of their property, they have the option of paying a company like Spark Pro to replace it with a new one. A broken or damaged power pole can make it hard for people to operate their business smoothly or utilize their household appliances in an efficient manner. Without the proper electrical poles, you may also lose power within your home or building.

Call us today to replace your private power pole.

Consumer Pole Replaced

Why Choose Us for Private Power Pole Replacement?


Spark Pro is Perth’s leading Private Power Pole replacement expert. We provide private power pole replacement from start to finish. Spark Pro is Perth’s leading Private Power Pole installation expert. We provide private power pole replacement from start to finish. If you need one of your own private power poles replaced, call us for a quote. Our team has been installing and repairing private power poles for homes and businesses throughout Perth WA for decades. Does your home or business need a new Private Power Pole? 


Not only do we replace and install private power poles, we provide backup generator options and ensure that your access to power is restored as soon as possible.


Call Spark Pro today for all things related to consumer poles and power poles in Perth Western Australia.



“We called Spark Pro when Western Power issued us with a Private Power Pole fault. We called Spark Pro to replace our Private Power Pole. Rob and Emad arrived within the hour and within 24 hours we were our power was restored. We are very pleased with their service.”

James, Forrestfield, Perth ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“I needed to a company to help me immediately, because my private power pole had been damaged in the recent storms, so I called Spark Pro. The service was awesome. The arrived on time, provided temporary power with a generator. They removed the damaged private power pole and replaced it with a new one. I highly recommend Spark Pro, Emad and Rob, for anyone that needs a private power pole replaced or repaired. “

Stewart , Perth ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Private Power Pole Replacement by Spark Pro


Spark Pro Electricians and Electrical Services have over 50 years combined experienced in general and advanced private power pole replacement services. Our Private Power Pole Replacement projects are always conducted to the highest standards.

We have kept power flowing through Perth properties for over 20 years. Call us today to replace your private power pole.


You Don’t just need a sparky, You need a Spark Pro!

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Private Power Pole Perth

Here the key things to consider when replacing your private powerpole:

1. Who owns the private power pole?
2. Who owns the underground power lines on the pole?
3. What level of voltage does your home receive from your power company, if you know?
4. Where is your service transformer located in relation to your pole?
5. Is this a ground fault or an air-gapped system?
6. What are the approximate distances from service transformer to house breaker, and from house breaker to meter box on premises (including all intermediary points)?
7. How many circuits have you on your power service?
8. What voltage is the circuit providing?
9. How many amps is the circuit providing?
10. Do you have a redundancy system or single-line system (thunderstorm switch)?
11. What type of breakers do you use on the pole, and how many breakers are there?
12. What type of fuses do you use on the pole, and what number of fuses are there?
13. When and where was the pole last inspected?
14. Who installed the pole?
15. Who owns or controls the transformer that connects the power pole to your house?
16. Is there a transformer on the pole, or is it all fused together with your service voltage?
17. What is your volt meter reading at this point?
18. How long can you run without “riding through” this personal power system?
19. Is the total number of circuits on this pole less than being current, or slightly more than current?
20. Is there any reason to believe that the breakers could trip off in a storm?



These are issues you do not need to think about if you call Spark Pro!

Spark Pro is Western Australia‘s top private power pole replacement company. We have more than 25 years of experience and 50% of our business involves replacing power poles. We carry out most types of works to enable us to provide a solution that suits you.

By calling our private power pole replacement company , you are in safe hands. We provide a complete solution for your private power pole replacement needs, with minimal disruption. We will arrive at your premises on time and leave when finished.

As the leading private power pole replacement company, we ensure that you have a safe and reliable electricity service after the works have been completed. We will re-wire your electrical connections and test any electrical systems to ensure they are working correctly.

Power Poles along the Perth horizon
Private Power Poles in a Perth Metropolitan suburb - Replaced by Spark Pro Electricial

Here are the 5 stages when replacing your private power pole:

1. Call Spark Pro
2. We’ll be able to talk you through our process and help you understand your options. We will then provide you with a FREE quote for the work we have discussed, if this is acceptable then we will schedule a time for us to undertake the works.
3. When we change an existing pole, we will move the transformer and all other equipment required to run the power line safely and efficiently
4. Once the pole replacement is complete we will not only inspect your electrical connections but also do a safety check of the surrounding area. If we find any issues we will be able to advise you of any further works that may need to be carried out.
5. Once we have completed our inspection and any additional works that may be required, we will provide you with an invoice. We have no hidden fees!



As Western Australia’s top private power pole replacement company, Spark Pro is here to assist you with replacing your private power pole. We can discuss your needs and find a solution that suits you and provides peace of mind for you and your family.

Your business relies on electricity to operate, so having a reliable and safe electricity supply is essential.

Contact us today for a free quote on replacing your private power pole.

Check out the top 10 things you need to know about private power poles here.


Private Power Pole Replacement Services: Perth