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Private Power Pole Specialist: SparkPro

Private Power Pole: Spark Pro are Perth’s private power pole specialists. If your private power pole has been damaged or needs private power pole replacement, call us immediately. We are your best priced option for getting the private power pole job done in Perth and surrounding suburbs.

No Call Out Fee! We Work with Western Power to assist you quicker with your private power pole.


What is a private power pole? It’s an electric power circuit that enters a home and then splits, so it can be used by multiple customers. Commonly, these poles run along the edge of a property and carry electricity to the house. A power pole is often mounted on metal posts or underground. Many councils allow private companies to install this infrastructure for pay, but some cities require that a homeowner apply for permits before proceeding with work. As private power poles become older and corrode, there may be damage to their utility lines or hardware.


Weather Damaged Consumer Pole

Consumer poles weaken and deteriorate with time. In string weather and winds consumer poles can break and even pose a hazard.

Call us first for consumer pole emergencies.

Fault with MCB

We repair and replace consumer poles and MCB’s (Main Connection Boxes).

Stay clear of the hazard and call Spark Pro as soon as possible.  Call now.

Consumer Pole Western Power Fault

If Western Power has issued you with a fault notice for your consumer pole, call us immediately. We charge fair prices and make sure the job is secure from start to finish. Our highest priority is to have minimal stress for you, our client.

Spark Pro Private Power Pole Electricians


Spark Pro Electricians and Electrical Services have over 50 years combined experienced in general and advanced private power pole electrical services. Our private power pole projects are always conducted to the highest standards.

We have kept the power flowing through Perth properties for over 20 years. Call us today to help you get your private power pole up and running.


You Don’t just need a sparky, You need a Spark Pro!

Consumer Pole Replaced

As private power poles become older and corrode, there may be damage to their utility lines or hardware. Sometimes a whole section of the private power pole has to be replaced because of issues with the structure. It’s important to remember that all work done on private power poles should be done with the Western Power’s prior consent. This includes any new lines or repairs done to them.

If you live in a suburb where private power poles are allowed, but you are unsure about how to proceed, ask your local council for assistance or advice in contacting someone who can help, or simply call SparkPro to assist you. Your council may also have requirements about how close people can come to high voltage lines, so make sure you follow those guidelines when doing any work on your own property. It is better to be safe than sorry, therefore we recommend using a professional such as our company for safety when dealing with private power poles.

Spark Pro is Perth’s leading, quickest, and most reasonable priced private power pole electrician.

Our business is provides quality services for private power poles.
If your power pole or private power pole has broken, call us to have your power up and running within the shortest possible time.
Our certified electricians have years of experience repairing private power poles.
Our service covers private power poles, also known as domestic electric services, private power lines and commercial electric services.
We are easy to reach and we accept all types of payment methods including cash, credit card or EFTPOS. Our work has been tested by a number of local bodies who are satisfied with our quality of service.

The power poles that are privately owned in Perth can be a hazard if they break. Spark Pro will ensure the area is safe. Being qualified private power pole technicians, we follow all standards and protocols relating to private power poles and public safety.
We are here to help you repair your power poles.

Not only are we completely qualified, but we also provide the fastest solutions for damaged or broken private power poles. Our team of highly trained and certified electrical contractors are here to assist you with your power pole faults.

We fix broken power poles fast, which is what we pride ourselves on. We are here to assist you and fix your faulty private power poles or public power poles in the least time possible.
Spark Pro provide a range of services on private power poles. Our electricians are also highly competent and professional, they will ensure they will fix your issue quickly and efficiently.
Remember we accept all types of payment methods.

Our fleet is equipped with all the necessary equipment needed to tackle any job that comes our way. Call us today.


“We called Spark Pro when our private power pole broke.
Within 60 minutes, Spark Pro was able to find me a backup generator and had my power pole installed by the next day.

I was really impressed with Spark Pro. Rob and Emad seemed to have everything under control, so I feel like I made the right call for power pole replacement.

This is one of those few times when a company shows up on time and does what they say they will do.”

“They did great work replacing my private power pole!”

Ian, Perth ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“Spark Pro were the most remarkably and best of electrician in Joondalup”

We picked them because they really knew what they were talking about.

The best thing is that Spark Pro provides a more affordable solution because they truly understand the scope of the work.”

Ryan, Kalamunda ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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