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Pioneering Power Pole Services in The Hills, Mundaring, Perth, Australia

workers fixing power poles in The Hills Mundaring

Welcome aboard! SparkPro is The Hills, Mundaring’s trusted source for a complete range of power pole services.

Leveraging more than half a century of combined industry expertise, we’ve been the key force behind the continuous power supply in numerous Perth homes across Mundaring for over two decades.


Nestled 34 km east of Perth, Western Australia, The Hills, Mundaring is a charming suburb that captivates with its unique blend of natural beauty and rich history.

The Aboriginal name “Mindah-lung”, translating to “a high place on a high place”, fittingly describes the suburb’s location within the Perth Hills area​​.

Mundaring’s railway heritage speaks volumes about its historical significance. The Eastern Railway, the only railway line currently in the Mundaring Shire, was instrumental in the construction of the Mundaring Weir, contributing significantly to the development of the town.

Even today, the erstwhile railway routes are preserved as part of the Railway Reserve Heritage Trail, serving as a testament to the suburb’s eventful past​​.


Amidst this vibrant blend of natural splendor and historical richness, SparkPro has emerged as the preferred service provider for all power pole needs in The Hills, Mundaring.

We consider ourselves more than just a business; we are an integral part of this thriving community. At SparkPro, we are deeply committed to serving the residents of The Hills, Mundaring with our top-tier power pole services, ensuring that the suburb continues to flourish without any power disruptions.

Services in The Hills, Mundaring, Perth, WA


  1. Private Power Pole Maintenance:  Expert repair and replacement of private power poles throughout The Hills, Mundaring.
  2. Consumer Pole Maintenance:  Comprehensive consumer pole repair and replacement services across The Hills, Mundaring.
  3. Power Pole Defect Notices:  Proficient at handling power pole defect notices across all suburbs of Mundaring.
  4. Overhead Power Line Services:  Skilled at catering to all your power line and power pole requirements.
  5. Meterbox Servicing:  Swift and professional solutions for meterbox repair or replacement needs.
  6. Main Switchboard Maintenance:  Dependable maintenance services and repairs for your main switchboard to maintain an efficient power system.

Our Promise We offer round-the-clock emergency services, recognising that power-related issues are often urgent. Additionally, our power pole installations are backed by a 25-year warranty, offering you assurance that your investment is secure.

Why SparkPro?

We are not just service providers – we’re specialists. Our deep understanding of power poles, meterboxes, and electrical poles ensures you get the best service in the shortest time.

Whether it’s an issue with your power pole, consumer pole, or meterbox, we are committed to restoring your power supply quickly.

Get in Touch Need help? Contact us at any time. Our devoted team is always on standby to provide rapid, efficient, and certified services.

Remember, for your power pole needs, you don’t need just any provider, you need SparkPro.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • What services does SparkPro offer?  SparkPro offers a broad spectrum of power pole services, including private and consumer pole replacement and repair, power pole defect notice services, overhead power line services, meterbox replacements and repairs, and main switchboard maintenance.
  • What areas does SparkPro service?  SparkPro extends its services across The Hills, Mundaring, and all suburbs of Perth, Western Australia.
  • Is SparkPro available for emergency services?  Yes, SparkPro offers emergency services 24/7 as we understand that power issues often need immediate attention.
  • How long is the warranty on power pole installations?  We provide a 25-year warranty on our power pole installations, giving you peace of mind that your investment is well-protected.
  • How can I reach SparkPro?  You can reach out to us at any time. Our dedicated team is ready to provide quick, efficient, and certified repairs and replacements. You can find more information on our “Contact Us” page.
  • What sets SparkPro apart? At SparkPro, we are not just service providers – we are specialists. Our deep understanding of power poles, meterboxes, and electrical poles ensures you receive the best possible service. When your power pole, consumer pole, or meterbox needs attention, we are committed to restoring your power supply quickly.
  • What should I do if I receive a defect notice for my power pole?   If you receive a defect notice for your power pole, contact SparkPro immediately. We are experienced in addressing and rectifying these issues, ensuring the safety and compliance of your property.
Worker fixing a meterbox