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Welcome to Spark Pro Electrical, the leading provider of comprehensive power pole replacement and installation services in Mount Richon for both residential and commercial sectors.

As a Western Power-approved specialist, we are dedicated to restoring and enhancing your property’s electric power transmission with speed and professionalism.

Private Power Pole installation and replacement Bayswater. Power Pole Replacement and Consumer Pole Replacement and private-power pole replacement , SparkPro is Perth’s emergency power and power line electrical fault specialist.

Our Services

Certified Consumer Pole Replacement

Mount Richon WA’s Certified Consumer Pole Electricians

Trust in Spark Pro for efficient power restoration to your Mount Richon property. Facing a Western Power Defect Notice? Our cost-effective solutions ensure your power is back on promptly. Discover our consumer pole replacement expertise.

Utility Pole & Overhead Power Line Installations

Our certified and qualified electricians specialize in utility pole installations for overhead power line electricity transmission. Benefit from our 25-year guarantee on faulty power pole replacements, offering peace of mind and our commitment to quality.

Damaged Power Pole Replacement

Spark Pro stands as Mount Richon’s premier choice for addressing and replacing damaged power poles. We ensure swift and professional service, minimizing disruption and prioritizing safety and convenience.

Corroded Consumer Poles

Expertise in replacing corroded consumer poles is a hallmark of our service, essential for reliable electricity transmission. Our workmanship comes with a 25-year guarantee for your satisfaction and peace of mind.

Broken Utility Pole Repair

For leading service in broken utility pole repair across Perth, WA, Spark Pro is your certified solution. We offer the highest standard of service for efficient power restoration.

Power Pole Replacement and Consumer Pole Replacement and private-power pole replacement , SparkPro is Perth’s emergency power and power line electrical fault specialist.


Our Comprehensive Offerings

  • Power Pole Replacement Mount Richon: Certified replacement services for damaged or corroded power poles, ensuring safe and compliant installations.
  • Power Pole Installation Mount Richon: Partner with us for all new electrical requirements, including private power pole and utility pole installations.
  • Power Pole Repair Mount Richon: We provide repair services, with new utility pole installations recommended for compliance and peace of mind.

Why Choose Spark Pro Electrical?

  • Expertise: Boasting extensive electrical qualifications, our team ensures safe and effective solutions for all power mains and utility pole needs.
  • Efficiency: Power pole replacements are completed within 4 hours*, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily activities.
  • Comprehensive Management: From Western Power & Synergy approvals to safety management and installation, we handle every aspect of your power pole needs.

Key Takeaway

Choose Spark Pro Electrical for reliable, efficient, and comprehensive power pole solutions, backed by a 25-year guarantee and full compliance with local regulations. Trust us to minimize disruption and prioritize your safety with our expert team.

Meet Our Team: Emad & Rob

With a combined experience of 50 years, Emad and Rob lead our team with unparalleled expertise in power pole installations and electrical solutions, dedicated to your project’s success and satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Spark Pro Electrical different from other service providers?

Spark Pro Electrical stands out due to our Western Power approval, extensive experience, and commitment to providing a 25-year guarantee on our installations. Our comprehensive approach ensures safety, compliance, and satisfaction.

How quickly can Spark Pro replace a damaged power pole?

Typically, power pole replacements are completed within 4 hours, though times may vary based on the project’s complexity and specific requirements.

Does Spark Pro handle all necessary approvals and compliance requirements?

Yes, we manage the entire process, including securing approvals from Western Power & Synergy, ensuring safety management, and adhering to all regulatory requirements.

Can Spark Pro repair a power pole instead of replacing it?

Where feasible, we will repair your power pole. However, replacement is often recommended to ensure peace of mind and compliance with Western Australia’s consumer power pole regulations.

What areas do Spark Pro serve?

We provide services throughout Mount Richon and the surrounding areas of Perth, specializing in both residential and commercial sectors.

How do I know if my power pole needs replacing?

Signs that your power pole may need replacing include visible damage, corrosion, or receiving a Western Power Defect Notice. Contact us for a professional assessment.