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About Us

Your Private Power Pole Specialists in Perth

Situated in the heart of Perth you will find the most reliable experts in Private Power Poles.

Welcome to SparkPro

We specialises in power pole installation, catering to the specific needs of both residential & commercial properties. Our team of skilled electricians ensures each installation complies with industry standards & regulations, focusing on safety & efficiency. We provide comprehensive services, including inspection, maintenance, & replacement of power poles, ensuring reliable electricity supply & network integrity.

Our Core Service – Private Power Poles


We provide tailored power installation services for properties, focusing on consumer power poles. Our approach includes assessing the property boundary, selecting appropriate materials, & ensuring secure fittings. We guarantee compliance with safety standards & electricity regulations.

As expert contractors in power pole replacement, we at SparkPro address all issues related to power lines & cables.  We offer a range of power pole types, including steel & timber, considering the unique requirements of each property, ensuring optimal functionality & safety.

Our Extended Services

Beyond private power poles, our expertise extends to:

  • Meterbox Replacement, Repairs, and Maintenance
  • Defect Notice Resolutions

  • Main Switchboard Repairs, Maintenance, and Replacements
  • Emergency Electrician Services

Our electricians excel in managing & executing power pole installations. We adhere to rigorous safety regulations & industry practices, ensuring each pole installation enhances the network’s performance. Our team is equipped to handle various powerline projects, including repair & maintenance tasks.

We focus on the integrity & longevity of electricity infrastructure. We address corrosion, risk management, & maintenance of power poles. Our inspection & repair services are designed to minimise the risk of power outages & injury, ensuring a consistent electricity supply.

Meet the Founders:

Emad & Rob

Spark Pro Electrical is Perth’s leading private power pole replacement service, founded by Emad O and Rob W.

With a cumulative experience exceeding 50 years, we wanted to establish a power pole company that resonates with safety, reliability, and community service in Perth.

“Our venture is driven by more than just a professional alliance; it was fueled by a shared vision and a longstanding friendship.”

The origin of SparkPro

The creation of SparkPro goes beyond a mere business venture, it developed through the recognition of community needs, and an aspiration to fill a vital service gap.

When Emad discovered the essential need for private power pole services, the vision of SparkPro began to take form. Inviting Rob to co-found this venture was proof of their shared values and trust.

From humble beginnings, SparkPro has evolved into a trusted name for private power pole solutions in Perth, continuously expanding and refining its services.

Private power poles

SparkPro stands as a leading provider of power pole systems, offering quality installation & replacement services. Our projects are characterised by meticulous attention to detail, adherence to safety requirements, & a commitment to delivering sustainable power solutions for both private & commercial properties.

We aim to be your comprehensive solution for all electrical needs, ensuring a safe, efficient, and reliable power infrastructure for your premises.

SparkPro power poles

Our Commitment

We are devoted to building lasting relationships with our clients, by being a reliable service dedicated to upholding high standards in power pole installations & replacements. Ensuring customer satisfaction, from initial contact to project completion, our staff provides detailed information & guidance. We offer quotes & consultations to assess your specific power needs and providing solutions aligned with your property’s requirements.

Our 24/7 service availability is paramount to aid our clients, especially during emergency scenarios.


Our Journey So Far


The growth trajectory of SparkPro is a demonstration of the trust and satisfaction of our clientele. It’s a record of a community centred approach, an unwavering commitment to quality, and a continuous strive for excellence.

Each satisfied client and successful project propels us closer to our vision of being the 1st choice for private power pole services in Perth and beyond.

Connect with Us

Join the SparkPro family and experience a distinct level of service, expertise, and community engagement.

Reach out for your power pole needs and let’s illuminate every home together.

SparkPro – Where Safety Meets Excellence. You dont need a spark you need a SparkPro

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