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We replace power poles through Perth. We are Western Power approved power pole specialists, ensuring the electric power transmission to your Perth home or business is restored promptly and professionally. More on Power Pole Replacement.


Spark Pro is your certified consumer pole replacement service. We ensure your power us up and running promptly and efficiently. If you have been issued with a Western Power Defect Notice, then call us first to ensure you receive the best service possible in Perth WA. More on our consumer pole replacement service.

SparkPro private power pole
Private Power Pole Perth


We are certified, qualified electricians that specialise in utility powers used for over head power line electricity transmission. We replace defective power poles and guarantee our work for 25 years. This means your have peace of mind and our guarantee of satisfaction. More on power lines.


Private Power Pole being replaced in Perth

Perth’s Consumer Pole Replacement Services

SparkPro private power pole

We replace and install private power poles

Power Pole Installation by Spark Pro
Private Power Pole Installed in Western Australia by Spark Pro - Power Electrical

Our process is simple: we take care of everything. We ensure your temporary power is working while we work on your power pole replacement. We acquire the necessary Western Power approvals and ensure that all regulations are followed and complied to. We have been installing utility poles for electricial transmission in Perth for decades. Call us to ensure you receive the best service possible.

James Smith
James Smith
I normally dont like leaving reviews but I do have to today. Had a call with Sparkpro regarding having to move a consumer pole due to knocking down our home and having to install a under ground power dome. Western Power stated they need the pole relocated before they install the dome. SparkPro provided a good quote and fast install timeline to get the works done. Our neighbour has now requested to connect to the dome. I called SparkPro again to give them an update and discuss options for us and the neighbour. SparkPro could have at that point taken our money moved the pole, then removed the pole later all at my cost. However they provided an alternative option to which I am now working with Western Power to relocate the dome to the neighbours property and save me $2600 in relocating the exiting pole. This was great customer service, they listened to our situation and offered real advice and sound options without just taking the money. I will have work for them in the future and recommend anyone to give them a call and discuss your options and what services SparkPro can provide. Thanks Team awesome work
Luke Serafini
Luke Serafini
Called Sparkpro on a Sunday morning approximately 09:30. Emad answered and proceeded to consult over the phone for 30 minutes without even charging a single dollar. Exceptionally helpful, unfortunately the issue was plumbing related (hot water system leaking onto a power point). Couldn't recommend them enough, any future electrical issues I'll be calling Sparkpro 100%.
Sam Ovenden
Sam Ovenden
Rob and Emad where fabulous the whole way through our power pole upgrade. I highly recommend them
Salim Youssef
Salim Youssef
I am down south we had an emergency where our private power pole fell down I called western powers and they recommended spark pro. They responded very quickly and were very professional if needed will be using the service again
Doreen Kukura
Doreen Kukura
Thankyou Rob & Emad for your prompt response to replacing power pole. You did an excellent job under trying weather conditions.
Scott Wagland
Scott Wagland
Fantastic job done by Emad and Rob. Ran into a few hurdles along the way but solutions were quickly found. Power off by 9am, new pole and meter box installed and power back on by 2pm. Couldn’t be happier and highly recommend this company’s quality workmanship and value for money.
Roberta Stabler
Roberta Stabler
Excellent business. Did a great job putting in a new power pole at my place, as the pole was on my property I had to replace it. Still waiting for Western Power to switch the cable to the new pole. I can recommend this business.
Samih Olabi
Samih Olabi
I have used Spark Pro and highly recommend as I had a fallen power pole and they came within an hour and started working towards restoring my power these guys are quickly responsive and gets the job done quick they’re also very professional . Thank you heaps for helping me out will most definitely call you guys in the future !!
Joanne Edgar
Joanne Edgar
We have used Spark Pro for a number of different jobs and highly recommend. These guys do excellent work, are friendly, professional and reliable. Thanks heaps for always helping us out and carrying out work to a high standard. Will have you back again!


At Spark Pro, we specialise in replacing damaged power poles throughout Perth. As Western Power approved specialists, we guarantee a swift & professional restoration of electric power transmission to both homes & businesses. Our team ensures minimal disruption, prioritising your safety & convenience


Our certified & qualified electricians excel in managing & replacing corroded consumer poles, essential for overhead power line electricity transmission. With a focus on quality & durability, we offer a 25-year guarantee on our work, providing you with peace of mind & our commitment to customer satisfaction.


Spark Pro stands as the premier choice for broken utility pole repair in Perth, WA. Certified to replace consumer poles, we ensure your power is restored efficiently & without delay. Facing a Western Power Defect Notice? Contact us immediately to benefit from the highest standard of service available.

Read more about power poles.

Private Power Pole Installed in Western Australia by Spark Pro - Power Electrical



Most often when a power post is damaged or corroded in Perth, it needs to be replaced. We offer certified power pole replacement services to all Perth property owners. Our team is experienced and qualified, safely ensuring that your new utility pole is suitable for property electricity transmission from Synergy and Western Power.


Power Pole installations are required for new electrical requirements. If you need a new private power pole, then Spark Pro Electrical is your guaranteed power works partner. We are emergency electricians that specialise in consumer pole & utility pole installations. We can also install overhead power lines to suit.


If it is possible, we can repair your power pole. However, in most cases in our experience over the years, a new utility pole is best for peace of mind and for adhering to consumer power pole regulations for Western Australia.

Private Power Pole in DIanella


We are Perth’s only dedicated private power pole supplier and installation company. We have all the necessary electrical qualifications to safely and effectively work with power mains, overhead power lines, utility poles and electric line poles. 


We have had power poles replaced within 4 hours from start to finish. Sometimes the process can take longer. Every situation is different, but we at Spark Pro Electrical are dedicated to ensuring the right outcome for you your electrical power pole needs.


Yes, Spark Pro Electrical takes care of the entire process for you:  

  • Wester Power & Synegy Approvals
  • Safety Management
  • Power Pole Removal & Replacement
  • Decommissioning and Recommissioning
  • Overhead Power Line Installation
  • Main Switch Board Installation
  • Metre Box Electrical Works
  • Certification &  Guarantees
SparkPro power poles



From power pole installations to substation consultations, Emad has been involved in all aspects of high voltage electrical works. Emad is a qualified electrician and has a background in electrical engineering.


Rob has been a qualified electrician for over 20 years, gaining broad exposure in multiple industries. His electrical knowledge and expertise is unmatched in Perth WA.


Our team ensures your customer satisfaction. Read some of the reviews from our clients. Learn why Spark Pro Electrical is Perth’s leading power pole installation service.

Private Power Pole in DIanella

“This was great customer service, they listened to our situation and offered real advice and sound options without just taking the money.” James Smith

“Thank you heaps for helping me out will most definitely call you guys in the future !!” Sami

“We have used Spark Pro for a number of different jobs and highly recommend.” Joanne Edgar

Frequently Asked Questions about Power Poles in WA

1. What is a power pole?

Power poles, also known as electrical utility poles or consumer electrical poles, are tall structures used to support and distribute electricity to homes, businesses, and other consumers. They are typically made of wood or metal and can range in height from 10 to 100 feet or more.

2. What is the purpose of a consumer pole/ power pole?

Power poles serve several purposes:
– They support electrical wires and cables that carry electricity from power plants to consumers.
– They provide a path for electricity to flow from one point to another, enabling the distribution of power across a wide area.
– They help maintain the reliability and stability of the electrical grid by providing a physical infrastructure for the transmission and distribution of electricity.

3. Who owns utility power poles in Western Australia?

The ownership of power poles in Western Australia varies depending on the location and purpose of the pole. Generally, power poles are owned by the Western Australian government, local government authorities, or utility companies responsible for providing electricity to the region.

4. What are the specifications of power poles in Western Australia?

The specifications of power poles in Western Australia are regulated by the Western Australian government and local government authorities. These specifications include:
– Height: Power poles can range in height from 10 to 100 feet or more, depending on the location and purpose of the pole.
– Material: Power poles can be made of wood or metal, with the type of material used often depending on the location and environmental conditions.
– Design and construction: Power poles are subject to strict design and construction standards to ensure safety and reliability. The design of the pole, including the type of pole, cross-arms, insulators, and other components, is determined based on the load requirements and environmental factors.

5. What regulations apply to the installation and maintenance of power poles in Western Australia?

The installation and maintenance of power poles in Western Australia are subject to various regulations, including:
– Electrical Safety Act 1998 (WA)
– Electrical Safety Regulations 1999 (WA)
– Western Australian Electricity Network Code
– Local government regulations and bylaws
These regulations aim to ensure the safety, reliability, and efficiency of the electrical distribution system.

6. How are power poles inspected and maintained in Western Australia?

Power poles in Western Australia are regularly inspected and maintained by the relevant authorities or utility companies to ensure their safety and reliability. Inspections typically involve visual assessments, as well as testing and measurements to identify any defects or potential issues. Maintenance activities may include repairs, replacements, and upgrades to ensure that the poles remain in good condition and meet the required safety standards.

7. What happens when a power pole is damaged or fails?

If a power pole is damaged or fails due to weather events, accidents, or other causes, the utility company or relevant authority is responsible for responding promptly to restore power and address the issue. This may involve replacing the damaged pole, repairing the infrastructure, and conducting any necessary investigations to determine the cause of the failure.

8. Who is responsible for clearing vegetation around power poles in Western Australia?

The responsibility for clearing vegetation around power poles in Western Australia lies with the relevant utility company or authority. Vegetation management is important to maintain safe clearances between power lines and trees or other vegetation to prevent electrical hazards and ensure the reliability of the electrical supply.

9. What should I do if I see a damaged or leaning power pole?

If you see a damaged or leaning power pole, you should report it immediately to the relevant utility company or authority. Do not attempt to touch or approach the pole yourself, as it could pose an electrical hazard. By reporting the issue, you help ensure prompt attention and repairs to maintain safety and prevent further damage.

10. How can I get a power pole installed or relocated on my property in Western Australia?

To get a power pole installed or relocated on your property in Western Australia, you should contact the relevant utility company or authority and submit a request. The process may involve an assessment of your property, design and planning, and obtaining the necessary approvals and permits. The utility company will typically handle the installation or relocation of the power pole, ensuring that it meets the required standards and safety regulations.

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